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Mothers Day is a holiday that is just as important as any of the other holidays. It allows us to show our mothers just how grateful we are for them being a part of our lives. Everyones mother is different when it comes to the things that th
  Mother’s Day is a holiday that is just as important as any of the other holidays. It allows us to show our mothers just how grateful we are for them being a part of our lives. Everyone’s mother is different when it comes to the things that they like but after reading this 10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2012 list you are sure to find a gift that will fit your mom’s liking just right.


        1. Weekend Getaway


All moms love to travel or they have that one special place where they have always wanted to visit yet have never had the chance. Mother’s Day weekend is an excellent time to surprise them with those cruise tickets they have been on the lookout for, that concert that seemed to be sold out, or even plane tickets to that exotic island they have saved on their computer screen. Surprise them by helping them have one of their dream vacations. If you like you can even accompany them.

妈妈们都喜欢旅游,或者都会有那么一处特别的地方,一直想去,却没有机会去。那母亲节的周末绝对是个给妈妈惊喜的绝佳时机,你可以送给妈妈一直想要的邮轮 船票,又或看似售罄的音乐会门票,或者是飞往妈妈电脑里保存过的异国情调岛屿的飞机票。给妈妈们一些惊喜吧,帮她们实现梦中之旅。如果你也想去的话,可以 一起去。

        2. Birthstone Jewelry:


Whatever types of jewelry your mom likes to wear get it customized with not only her birthstone but yours as well. The meaning behind this gift will be greater than you could ever possibly imagine.


       3. Tea or Coffee Gift Basket


Moms usually have to have their early morning cup of coffee or tea. So, what is a better gift than to give them an assortment of their favorite tea bags or coffee beans? This is something that they will enjoy, is budget friendly for you, and it shows that you are giving them a gift from the heart.


       4. Mother’s Personalized Photo Frame


When it comes to finding the perfect unique gift think about giving your mom a personalized photo frame that contains her favorite picture of the two of you. Not only is this a budget friendly gift but this is a gift that any mom will love because it shows that it is something that truly comes from the heart.


       5. Personalized Gift Basket:


Have you been searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift yet still has not been able to find something that will suit your mom? If so, put together your own gift basket for her. If your mom likes tech items stop by Best Buy and buy a lot of little things and put them in a nifty basket. If your mom likes spa things stop by Bath and Body Works and give her a one of a kind beauty/spa retreat basket. Of course, you could go out and buy a gift basket but when you put that personal touch of doing it yourself to it that is what makes the gift even more special to mom.

你是不是一直在找母亲节的礼物却还没找到合适的?如果是这样的话,为她自制一个礼品篮吧。如果你的妈妈喜欢科技产品,那在Best Buy(百思买)买一些小玩意儿,再把它们放到漂亮的篮子里。如果你妈妈喜欢水疗,那在Bath and Body Works里给她买一个美容/水疗静思礼品篮。当然,你也可以出去买一个礼品篮,不过假若礼品篮是你亲手做的话,这个礼物将会更加特别。

       6. Autographed Book


Does your mom have an all-time favorite author or a book that she could read a million times and never become tired of it? If so, do some detective work and find her favorite book signed by the author. This is going to be a task depending on her favorite book yet at the same time when she opens this present she will know that you really truly care.

你的妈妈有没有最爱的作家呢?有没有那么一本书,她很喜欢,都读了快一百万遍了还不厌倦?如果是这样的话,那需要做一些调查,去找到那本妈妈最喜欢的,并 且上面还有作者亲笔签名的书。这项活动的难度要取决于她喜欢的是什么书。而当妈妈打开礼物的时候,她会知道你是真心关心她的。

       7. Personalized Pajamas:


Personalized pajamas are a great unique Mother’s Day gift 2012 as well. You could have them customized to not only have her name on them but they could also read a special message as well. Every time your mom puts them on she will remember that this special gift came from you.

  8. Braided Money Tree:


If you want to keep a traditional feel to your Mother’s Day Gift try giving your mom a Braided Money Tree. Technically, it is still along the same lines of giving her flowers yet this little indoor tree has a special meaning behind it and is said to bring good fortune.


       9. Dinner Date


Take your mom out to her favorite restaurant or that restaurant she has always complimented yet felt they were too expensive. This is the perfect idea for those who wait until the last minute to purchase gifts.


      10. Mother’s Day Scavenger Hunt


If you want to do something really creative for Mother’s Day 2012 and you have some time on your hands put together a Mother’s Day Scavenger hunt for your mom. Let her spend the day following hints and clues while also running into little gifts and things along the way.



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