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  abjure: reject solemnly; to abstain from adjure: urge or advice earnestly.

  abeyance: suspension. Observance: 遵守。

  advent: arrival advert: refer (to )

  affected: artificially assumed to impress others affecting: arousing pity, sympathy or sorrow

  aloft: in the air aloof: removed or distant either physically or emotionally

  allay: calm, pacify. Alley: a narrow passageway esp. between building. Ally: associate. Alloy: 合金

  allude: to refer indirectly allure: charm, entice

  amenity: convenience , enjoyment amiability amnesty: 大赦 animation: vivacity, liveliness animosity: ill will, resentment

  amoral: being neither moral or immoral immoral: not moral.

  anemia: 贫血 insomnia:失眠症 amnesia:健忘症

  Annals:纪年表 annul: declare or make legally invalid

  anxious: worried; earnestly wishing anxiety: painful uneasiness; abnormal apprehension

  Apathetic:冷漠的 antipathetic:引起反感的

  Apocalyptic:预示灾祸的,启示的 apocrypha:伪经,伪书

  Appreciable:可以察觉的,可估计的 apprehensible:可理解的 apprehensive:不安的,焦虑的,能领悟的 appreciative:感激的,有鉴赏力的

  Approbation:称赞。 opprobrium:恶名声,侮辱

  apparel: clothe adorn apparition: a supernatural appearance ghost

  appraise: set a value on apprise: give notice to approve: express a favorable opinion

  Arbiter: one having power to decide. Arbitrator: one chosen to settle differences between two parties in a controversy.

  Aspiration:渴望,热望 respiration:呼吸 perspiration:出汗

  assist: help, aid resist: to fight against, oppose; combat, repel.

  attribute: 归因为 contribute:贡献,投稿

  brisk: 轻快 bristle: 硬毛,气势汹汹

  barter: 物物交换 banter: speak to or address in a witty and teasing manner.

  blight: withered, blast blithe: merry.

  brazen : blatant blazon: armorial bearings; publish widely

  blunder: a gross error blunt: not sharp, dull

  brittle: easily broken, cracked, or snapped bristle: to take on an aggressive attitude or appearance (as in response to a slight)

  boom: to make a deep hollow sound; to grow or cause to grow rapidly esp. in value, esteem, or importance. Boon: benefit, blessing

  Calumniate: defame, malign libel Culmination: reach the highest point Fulmination: 攻击,指责

  Canvas:油布 Canvass: to seek orders or votes: solicit

  Cataclysm: a violent change or upheaval Catalysis: 加速

  Cessation:终止,(短暂)停止] Cession:割让,转让 Concession:让步,特许权 Secession:脱离,退出

  Cater:迎合,承办 crater:火山口,弹坑

  Circumscribe:限制 Proscribe:禁止 Compass: an enclose space Compassion: pity

  Competent:胜任的,有资格的 contentious:引起争议的

  Contiguous: being in contact Contingent: possible; happening by chance conditional

  Consensus:全体意见一致 Censure:责难

  Conversant: 精通 Convergent:会聚的

  Confluence: the meeting of two or more streams Influence:影响 Refluence:逆流

  Consign:托运 Resign:辞职

  Crate:板条箱 Crave:渴望得到 Craven:胆怯的

  Crayon:彩色笔;粉笔或其绘画 Canyon:峡谷

  Cozen: chest, defraud Cozy: snug, comfortable

  Curb: hold in or back Curd: the thick protein rich part of coagulated milk Curdle: spoil, sour

  Declamation: speech Acclamation: shouted approval

  Duration: 持续的时间 Induration:硬化

  Denounce:指责,揭发 Renounce:宣布放弃,抛弃

  Delude:欺骗 Deluge:洪水,豪雨

  Decompose:使腐烂 Discompose:使失态,慌张

  Depredation:劫掠 Depreciation:贬值

  Deposition:免职,沉积 Disposition:处理,天性气质

  Demur: take exception, object. Demure: decorous; shy, bashful

  Dilatory: delaying; tardy, show Dilate: swell, distend , expand

  Disaffected: alienate the affection or loyalty of Unaffected: natural, genuine

  Decorum: orderliness, propriety Decoration: ornament

  Dinghy: a small boat Dingy: dirty, shabby, discolored

  Drudge: to do hard, menial, or monotonous work Dredge: a machine or barge for removing earth or silt

  Discomfit: upset, frustrate mollify Discomfort: make uncomfortable or uneasy

  Duplicity: the disguising of true; intentions by deceptive words or action Duplicate: to make double or two-fold or action

  Equanimity: 沉着,镇静 Equality: 均匀,同等

  Expire:期满,熄灭 Expiate:赎罪

  Edifice:大厦 Edification:陶冶 Orifice:小孔

  Eclipse:(日、月)蚀,失势 Ellipse:椭圆形 Ellipsis(ses):省略法

  Exquisite:精致的 Perquisite:固定津贴

  Emancipation:释放,解脱 Emaciation:消瘦 Emasculate:weaken

  Equation:等式、方程式 Equitation:骑马术

  Elicit:引出,探出 Explicit:清楚明确的

  Exigency: requirements; urgent need Exiguous: scanty in amount

  Ecumenical: worldwide Empiricism: 经验主义

  Epigram: a short witty poem or saying Epilogue: a speech addressed to the spectators by an actor at the end of a play Episode: a unit of action in a dramatic or literary work; occurrence Epistle: one of the letters of the New Testament Epitaph: an inscription in memory of a dead person Epithet: a characterizing and often abusive word or phrase Epitome: abstract, summary; embodiment.

  Eddy: whirlpool, a circular current Ebb: the reflux of the tide toward the sea; a point or condition of decline

  Exhaustion: extreme weariness Exhaustive: covering all possibilities

  Exonerate: 证明无罪 Exorable:可说服的,心软的

  Fortuitous: accidental Fortitude: strength

  Forfeit: 丧失 Surfeit:饮食过度

  Fomentation:煽动,助长 Fermentation:发酵

  Flounder: proceed clumsily Founder: collapse

  Fractious: 易怒的,好争吵的, hard to handle or control Fractional:部分的,碎片的 Factious: 有派性的 Factitious:人为的,不真实的 Facetious:轻浮的

  Fetid: having an offensive smell stinking Fetish: 神物

  Fantasy: imaginative fiction Fascinate: be irresistibly attractive

  Flush: to pour liquid over or through Fluster: upset

  Gouge: 半圆凿,敲竹杠 Gauche:笨拙的,不会社交的 Gauge:标准尺寸

  Gravel:碎石 Grovel:摇尾乞怜的 Gavel:a mallet used for commanding attention Grove: a small wood

  Grate: to grind or rub against with a rasping noise Grateful thankful; pleasing Gratify: to afford pleasure to Gratis: without charge or recompense Gratuitous: free charge; unwarranted Gratitude: thankfulness

  Gamble: 赌博,投机 Gable:山墙 Gambol:跳跃,嬉戏 Gobble: to swallow or eat greedily

  Gall: vex, harass Gulled: deceive Guile: duplicity Guilt: 罪

  Gloss:光泽 Gross:总的,粗野的,整体的

  Hypnosis; 催眠术 Hypothesis:假说

  Histrionics:演戏 Histology:组织学

  Homely:长相一般的 Homily:a lecture of a moral theme

  Hypercritical :meticulously or excessively critical Hypocritical :not sincerely

  Halo:光圈 Hale: health, sound ,free from defect, disease

  Incision: a cut Incite: start up, stir up

  Impassioned:感激的,慷慨激昂的 Impassive:不为所动的

  Imminence:急迫的 Eminence;卓越的

  Ingrate:忘恩负义的 Ingratiate:逢迎,讨好

  Insurrection:造反,叛乱 Resurrection:复活


  此种方法在第二遍背词的时候使用得比较普遍。这种方法可以有效的把已学过的单词和生词联系起来。这是一个非常重要的扩充词汇的手段,也是巩固词汇记忆的方法之一。而且凭已知的来学习未知,会让人倍觉轻松。flagrant,fragrant;flail,frail;polish,perish,publish;stationary,stationery;ally, rally, allay, alley, alloy…看到这些长得如此相像的单词你是否觉得头痛不已呢?如果你还没有完全将他们区分开来,为什么不索性将他们总结到一起呢?具体来说,有很多的单词存在着拼写上的近似(毕竟英文只有26个字母),这样就很容易产生混淆,而我们恰恰可以将这些词汇放在一起,从而把他们真正记住并区分开。在网上记录了很多形近的单词,每一份总结都不尽相同,细想起来,这正是此类记忆方法的特点。每个人在背单词的过程中都可以总结出一套适合自己的方法,当背到某一个单词的时候产生了另一个单词的联想,就马上把它们记录下来,日积月累就是一份完整的形近词的整理笔记。

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