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  {必备考题} What kinds of films do you like watching?

  参考答案1I am a big fan of comedies. First of all, they can give me a break from tedious work, you don’t need to think much about the deep meaning, because it’s not so serious as drama. Furthermore, it can always make you laugh and get rid of your sadness, and it will empower you with good mood and energy for future work. All you need is to lean back and enjoy the shows.

  参考答案2Well, I am a big fan of comedies because I love anything that makes me laugh. I just love to hear jokes and funny punch lines. I’m not very keen on westerns, although my father likes them, but I am a real softie, so anything with a bit of love story is good for me. It doesn’t matter how old. Not musicals though, they are too much.


  参考答案3Well, I love pretty much every genre: romance, drama, horror, action, animation, sci-fi… When I feel down, I love to watch comedies because they help me get out of depression and spice my day up. While when I feel frustrated or upset, I watch inspirational movies. It cheers me up and makes me understand the real meaning of life and explore the richness of experience.


  {常见考题} Where would you prefer to watch films, at home or in the cinema?

  参考答案:I would prefer to watch films in the cinema because it offers me amazing audio and visual enjoyment as well as fabulous special effects. The IMAX is awesome! You know, I am passionate about fantasy movies like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Ring, so stunning special effects are very crucial. They are something that watching films at home can never hold a candle to.

  {常见考题} Do you prefer to watch films alone or with someone else?

  参考答案:It depends on what I am watching. If I am watching some romantic comedies, I would definitely ask some of my buddies to join me. It’s a lot more fun when you watch a movie with friends. You can laugh together or be surprised at the same time. During the movie, you can observe other people’s reactions too, and it adds to the atmosphere. But if I am watching horror ones, I would like to watch it by myself. Since they are always so intense, I don’t like to be distracted.

  {常见考题} How often do you watch films?

  参考答案:Generally speaking, I usually watch film once a week. But it depends. It depends on whether there is any Hollywood blockbuster released or not. I can never resist the temptation from those big hits. But if there is nothing sensational, I would definitely stay at home, watching DVDs. I don’t have too much money to burn on those normal films. For a student as me, it can easily cause budget tension by frequently watching films in cinema.

  {魔鬼考题} How do you feel about those American films?

  参考答案:Hollywood films have occupied the whole world film market since 1970s. They are characterized by “internationally renowned film directors, intriguing plots, fabulous special effects and dazzling stars”. The fact has proved that most of Hollywood films are really good, but different people have their own tastes for films. People do not admire those Hollywood films as blindly as usual, and they have found out that Hollywood would not be the standard of films. This would naturally push forward film development in other countries.

  {魔鬼考题} What do you think are the qualities of a good film?

  参考答案:Films can enable people to experience different lives, so every film should have its own characteristics. If directors can make their films interesting, artistic, and cater to audience’s tastes, they can win popularity for sure. So long as a particular film is distinctive, it is bound to be eternal highlight.

  {魔鬼考题} What do you think makes a director successful?

  参考答案:Well, actually, almost all of the famous directors, despite their different backgrounds, have something in common. It was not the professional training in filmmaking that turned them into first-rate directors, but rather, it was their obsession with films, or sometimes an accidental occasion, that made them what they are today. To these talents, the films they made are their individual interpretation of the outside world. It was their persistence to individuality that made them successful directors.

  {必备考题} Do you love listening to music?

  参考答案:I am a big fan of music. It is one of the very few things which can make me feel totally relaxed and refreshed. And people always say that music speaks international languages. I think it is totally true and people from different countries can all appreciate the same music. Music not only plays an important role in our daily lives, but also brings people enlightenment and inspiration.

  {常见考题} What kinds of music do you love listening to?

  参考答案:Talking about my favorite music genre, I think it depends on when and where I am listening. When I hang out in pubs or dancing clubs, hip-hop or rap must be my call. However, when I am having a lovely bubble bath or having a candlelight dinner, I will definitely choose light music. I also love the time when I am lying in my fluffy bed, listening to the amazing jazz while reading some magazines.

  {常见考题} Do you prefer to listen to recordings or live performances?

  参考答案:I am passionate about live music. I most love the time when I enjoy live performances, singing loudly with my favorite singer, screaming and dancing crazily while being offered the most wonderful audio and visual enjoyment. It is so exciting, especially after the song, when the artist talks to the audience, and everyone cheers and claps. The atmosphere is overwhelmingly amazing!

  {魔鬼考题} Is music important for children?

  参考答案:Yes, it is very important. Music is the universal language of mankind. It provides a means of individual expression, relaxation and enjoyment. It’s an ability inherent in every child, simply awaiting development. Therefore, every child has a chance to experience the joy of creating his own music and exploring his innate abilities, or discover the joy of this self-expression.

  {魔鬼考题} Do you play any instrument?

  参考答案:I have played piano for 5 years and I am crazy about it. Playing the piano can make me feel totally relaxed and refreshed and forget all the daily troubles. Those classical melodies can also bring me a peaceful mind to tolerate unfair things and a positive mind to start a brand new day. Besides, playing a piece of classical masterpiece can bring me a lot of confidence, and it must be great to play some well-known songs in front of my friends and relatives.

  {魔鬼考题} What kinds of music did you like when you were a child?

  参考答案:When I was a child, I liked pleasant campus songs and children’s songs which I learned at school. But my favorite ones were lullabies sung by my mother when she tucked me into bed.

  {魔鬼考题} Do you think children should learn to play a musical instrument?

  参考答案:I strongly agree that it is a great choice to learn a musical instrument, for example, a piano. First of all, learning how to play a piano is a long-term process, that is to say, it is a nice method to strengthen willpower. Moreover, learning it can make me understand music better and cultivate my emotional intelligence. In addition, I can perform a melody for my friends in a party. That’s cool, isn’t it?

  {魔鬼考题} Do you think music and art classes should be offered in high school?

  参考答案:I agree with that music and art classes should be offered in high schoolbecause there are many students who are interested in this area and plan to choose either of them as their future career. In addition, music and art would make the day more alive and interesting, which in turn leads to more learning. It may serve as the major source of joy and relax students during their endless scientific classes. I also think music and art education can develop creativity and imagination which will benefit students’ study and career.


  ? tedious ['ti:di?s] 沉闷的 adj.

  ? empower [im'pau?] 使能够 v.

  ? softie ['s?fti] 心肠软的 adj.

  ? genre ['?ɑ:nr?] 类型 n.

  ? frustrated [fr?s'treitid] 挫败的 adj.

  ? audio and visual enjoyment 视听效果

  ? stunning ['st?ni?] 极好的 adj.

  ? can never hold a candle to 不能与相比

  ? intense [in'tens] 紧张的 adj.

  ? distracted [dis'træktid] 思想不集中的 adj.

  ? Hollywood blockbuster 好莱坞大片

  ? resist the temptation from 抵挡住的诱惑

  ? sensational [sen'sei??n?l] 轰动的 adj.

  ? intriguing plots 吸引人的情节

  ? cater to audience’s tastes 迎合观众的口味

  ? distinctive [di'sti?ktiv] 与众不同的 adj.

  ? is bound to 必然会

  ? individual interpretation of the outside world 对外界世界的个人诠释

  ? persistence to individuality 对个性的坚持

  ? enlightenment [in'laitnm?nt] 启迪 n.

  ? inspiration [,insp?'rei??n] 灵感 n.

  ? fluffy ['fl?fi] 松软的 adj.

  ? clap [klæp] 鼓掌 v.

  ? overwhelmingly [,ov?'hwelmi?li] 不可抵挡地 adv.

  ? await [?'weit] 等待 v.

  ? inherent [in'hi?r?nt] 天生的 adj.

  ? innate ['in'eit] 与生俱来的 adj.

  ? melody ['mel?di] 旋律 n.

  ? tolerate ['t?l?,reit] 忍受 v.

  ? masterpiece ['mɑ:st?pi:s] 杰作 n.

  ? lullaby ['l?l?,bai] 摇篮曲 n.

  ? tuck [t?k] 舒服地裹在里面 v.

  ? long-term 长期

  ? strengthen willpower 增强毅力

  ? emotional intelligence 情商

  ? endless ['endlis] 无止境的 adj.


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