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Training 培 训 Part One: Expressions 1. You look tan. 你的皮肤黝黑发亮。 2. I just got back from camp. 我刚从营地回来。 3. How was it? 怎么样? 4. Like what? 比方说? 5. I went horseback riding. 我骑马了。 6.

培 训

Part One: Expressions
1. You look tan.
2. I just got back from camp.
3. How was it?
4. Like what?
5. I went horseback riding.
6. It was the best summer ever.
7. What’s wrong with that?
8. No English allowed.
9. What are you doing that for?
10. I have to take my exams.

Part Two: Dialogues
1.Summer camp夏令营
A: You look so tan and healthy!
B: Thanks. I just got back from summer camp.
A: How was it?
B: Great. I got to try so many things for the first time.
A: Like what?
B: I went sailing, fishing, and horseback riding.
A: I’m so jealous.
B: The counselors were so nice too. It was the best summer ever. Except for all those mosquitoes!
A: 你看上去皮肤黝黑,健康极了。
B: 谢谢。我刚刚从夏令营回来。
A: 怎么样?
B: 棒极了。我第一次尝试那么多玩意儿。
A: 比方说?
B: 乘船航行,钓鱼,我还骑马了。
A: 我真嫉妒。
B: 辅导员也很好。这是我度过的最美好的夏季。只是蚊子太多了。

2.Language school 语言学校
A: Bonjour!
B: What?
A: I said, “Bonjour!”
B: What’s wrong with you, Ted?
A: I’m speaking French. Don’t you know anything?
B: What’s wrong with speaking English?
A: Well, I just got back from my language school. We have to speak French all day there. No English allowed!
B: What are you doing that for?
A: I’m trying to learn new skills. It makes me more qualified for a good job.
B: Good for you.
A: 早上好。(法语)
B: 你说什么?
A: 我说:早上好。
B: 你怎么了,特德。
A: 我在说法语,你不知道吗?
B: 说英语有什么不好吗?
A: 哦,我刚刚从语言学校回来。在那里我们成天说法语,不准说英语。
B: 为什么要这样呢?
A: 我想学一点新的技能。这可以让我更有资格胜任一个好的工作。
B: 好得很。

3.Crash course速成班
A: What are you studying all day long for? It’s summer vacation!
B: I know! I hate it! But I’m taking this crash course in math.
A: Why?
B: I have to take my exams for getting into the university, so I need to prepare.
A: Do you think it will help?
B: It has to! I’ve been studying every day, eight hours a day! I don’t know, but the school has a great success record.
A: Hmm…Maybe I should sign up too.
B: I’ll pick up an application form for you at school tomorrow.
A: 你成天学习为了什么?这可是暑假。
B: 我知道。我也不想呀。可是我上了数学的速成班。
A: 为什么?
B: 我需要参加大学入学考试。所以需要准备一下。
A: 你觉得有用吗?
B: 一定要有用才行。我可是每天都在学习,一天八小时。我也不清楚,但是这所学校以往成绩很好。
A: 嗯,可能我也要去报名了。
B: 我明天去学校给你领一张申请表。

Part Three: Substitutions Drills
1. A: You look (tan/ healthy/ glowing).
B: Thanks.

2. A: Where have you been?
B: I just got back from (camp/ school/ class).

3. A: How was the (counselor/ weather/ test)?
B: Fine.

4. A: What did you do?
B: I (went sailing/ played badminton/ did karate*).

5. A: It was the (best summer/ most beautiful day/ easiest exam) ever.
B: I’m so jealous.

6. A: You can’t do that here.
B: What’s wrong with (drinking/ smoking/ eating) here?

7. A: No (English/ listening to music/ visitors) allowed.
B: Sorry. I didn’t see the sign.

8. A: What are you (speaking French/ studying/ doing that) for?
B: Because I like to.

9. A: I have to (take an exam/ finish the project/ study hard this summer).
B: That’s too bad.

10. A: Maybe I should (sign up for that course/ work harder/ get some rest).
B: Yeah, maybe.

Part Four: Monologue
“Last year I worked as a counselor at a summer camp. It was quite an experience! My main duties included looking after the campers and leading hiking excursions. There were lots of challenges. Many of the campers became ill or homesick. Others had trouble following the rules.Yet despite those problems, I felt I was making a difference in these kids’ lives, molding them in some way. I love thinking about those nights in front of the campfire, singing songs together, looking at the stars. I hope they got as much from the summer as I did.”
——Marie Fischer, camp counselor
去年我在一个夏令营做辅导员。那真是一次美好的经历。我主要的工作任务是照看营员,同时组织短途徒步旅行。这可是十分具有挑战性。有很多营员不是生病就是 想家,还有一些成员则无法遵守规定。只是除了这些问题难办,我觉得我给这些小孩子的生活带来了变化,在某些方面给他们进行了塑造。我喜欢回想在营火前的那 几个晚上,一起唱歌,看星星。我希望他们和我一样收获良多。

Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases
-- You look… 你看上去…
-- How was…? …怎么样?
-- counselor 辅导员
-- except for 除了…以外
-- allow 允许,准许
-- success 成功;成就
-- excursion 远足;短途旅行
-- challenge 挑战;邀请比赛
--* go/ play/ do
go – swimming, skiing, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, hiking, snowboarding, horseback riding…
play – badminton, football, basketball, ping pong, volleyball, tennis, golf, baseball, squash…
do – karate, judo, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, kung fu, exercise, aerobics, ballet…

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